NEW Circus Display

 James and Elizabeth Shropshire truly lived their lives in the fun-house fashion. The two travelled in circuses throughout the early 1900s. While James served as a side show manager, Elizabeth usually performed as a mind reader or psychic....

Title IX Signed this Day in 1972

June 23, 1972 the Higher Education Act was signed into law by Richard Nixon. A part of this act was the groundbreaking Title IX legislation that prohibited discrimination based on gender for federally funded schools. Although the legislation applies...

EKU Oral History Center Revived

Oral History
EKU Special Collections and Archives recently  announced the revival of the EKU Oral History Center. The Center has been named after its first director, Dr. William H. Berge, to honor the important contributions he made to the oral history...

IBM Word Processing Cards

Sifting through endless numbers of records can be painfully mundane, but occasionally there comes along a fascinating little relic that can make the task worthwhile.  Today’s artifact, unearthed from a folder on the EKU Foundation, is a...

Eastern Progress Digitization Featured

Eastern Progress digitization
The ongoing Eastern Progress digitization project and the completed Milestone digitization project were featured in the Richmond Register today.

An Elmwood Christmas

The Watts family thrived as prominent figures in Richmond, Kentucky.  Many today are most familiar with Emma Watts and her Elmwood home, which Eastern recently acquired.  Though Elmwood seems rather cold now, it was once showered in the...

Eastern Fight Songs

Songs of Eastern
A previous post provided information about Eastern's Alma Mater, but didn't mention the other Eastern songs. The handwritten score for three Eastern songs is now digitized and available online as is the booklet Songs of Eastern.

Ruric N. Roark on Eastern

John G. Crabbe created several scrapbooks on education and those have been preserved in Special Collections, but there are very few other materials from President Crabbe or the Roarks.

Newly Processed Collections

Since spring semester archives staff have processed several new collections. Kudos to Kyle, student processor extraordinaire.

Celebrate American Archives Month

Celebrate American Archives Month during the month of October with two very special events:

Anything ... but Ordinary

The Special Collections and Archives (SC&A)  is full of unique finds. From diaries of old Kentucky brothel madams to family bibles, every  item has a story to tell.  So we have compiled a few of our favorite inimitable books and...

Will S. Hays and His Civil War Songs

As part of the commemoration of the sesquicentennial of the Civil War, Special Collections and Archives has created a new display in the mail library across from the circulation desk.  “Will S. Hays and His Civil War Songs”...

Beachin' Fashion Flashbacks

Does your summer look like this? Probably not, considering these three Eastern students were strutting their swimsuits in the 1930s. Nevertheless, there are definite similarities between the ladies of this photo and the youth of today. For example,...