“The Kentucky Riding Saddle: A Quilted History”

Up close image of a Kentucky quilted saddle

     “The Kentucky Riding Saddle: A Quilted History” is a film that began airing on KET-Kentucky in March 2017. The Kentucky quilted riding saddles, which originated in the eastern part of the state in the Appalachian foothills and mountains, were not only comfortable, they were also beautifully crafted with intricate patterns that made each seat a genuine work of art. A Quilted History captures the fading stories and craft traditions of the few remaining Kentucky saddlemakers who have the required knowledge and skill set to build these quilted spring tree plantation saddles, which were often touted as “the world’s most comfortable saddle.”
     With funding from Appalachian Studies, Special Collections and Archives, and the Communications, History, and Sociology Departments, the film is a genuine EKU collaboration.  The production incorporated student interviewers Kerrie Steele and Kailyn Eggett, EKU Alum Jason Edwards as editor, and a rich assortment of EKU’s faculty and staff, including Sociology’s Dr. Stephanie McSpirit, Communication’s Chad Cogdill, and Special Collections and Archives’ Neil Kasiak. The resulting KET ready production will be made available on the William H. Berge Oral History Center’s website and premiere on KET’s main channel during the upcoming summer months, so stay tuned to EKU Special Collections and Archives for future updates on A Quilted History’s complete airing schedule.
Published April 2017