Meet the Students of EKU Archives


For Homecoming week, we chose Gabi Cook as our student worker feature. Gabi is a senior and will be leaving us for student teaching soon. She is a Secondary History Education major and we're confident she's going to make a fine History teacher. She has been our student worker for 3 years. Gabi spends her days in the archives tackling the huge job of processing the Watts Family Papers. She spends hours deciphering a variety of cursive handwritings so that the letters, photos, and legal documents can be sorted and organized into folders and used by researchers. When she finds free time, she enjoys reading and watching anime. Coworkers say that Gabi is a dependable and a good leader. Gabi is a recent recipient of the Library's Dick Mayo Allen Scholarship Award, as well.
October 19th, 2015
Sarah Adams