No Fresh Hell

For today's college freshmen, freshman hazing by the upperclassmen is simply part of an entertaining story line in teenage flicks. Freshman Hell Week doesn't actually happen in real life. There is no week of orders, no courts or punishment....

Ireland in the Archives

In light of the St. Patrick's Day holiday, we decided to search for Ireland here in the land of the archives. With a little luck, we discovered a piece of Irish history tucked away conveniently in the Green-Fife-White Papers, a collection of...

Why'd We Stop Decking the Halls??

Students participating in the Hanging of the Greens
Have you ever wondered where the popular holiday song "Deck the Halls" originated or why they're so excited about hanging holly? Well the song was written in honor of an old English custom in which people would..well..'deck their...

Giving Back Retro-Style

There are always people in need. Some need food, others a home or a job, and some need an education. The list goes on and on and yet there are fewer and fewer people with the means or the will to help. So this holiday season, I want to take you back...

EKU Alma Mater

The EKU Alma Mater sheet music
EKU's Alma Mater written by Nancy Evans and arranged by Jane Campbell, music orchestra professor from 1926 to 1967, was first played at commencement in 1933. A video clip of the singing of the Alma Mater at the 1988 Spring Commencement is...

John Grant Crabbe Library: Changing Spaces

The slide show that ran during the Noel Studio dedication Friday can be viewed online. Enjoy!

Euripides Tragoediae Hippolytus

Book titled Euripides Tragoediae Hippolytus
My name is Cherrelle. I’m a senior here at Eastern Kentucky University. I’m an Anthropology major and I work downstairs in the library archives. I’ve been working here since my junior year here at Eastern.

Dante's Discovery

Dante's Inferno by Robert Rauschenberg
So many moments out of a day, people tend to carry on with their worries and never take the time to enjoy the little treasures that have jeweled their lives.

Eastern Kentucky State Normal School

Students, faculty, and staff spelling out EKSN in 1921
The latest statistics show that over 16,000 students are attending Eastern this semester. That is a long way from this early photo of Eastern Kentucky State Normal School.

In the Days When Kentucky Came to California

Governor Chandler and family at a movie premier
You never know what you’re going to come across while working in the archives, especially when you’re unsure of what you’re looking for. When I began searching for a blog topic, I didn’t even know where to begin.

What is the origin of the EKU Colonel?

Cartoon of Colonel kicking a leopoard
In the 1920's, Eastern students who wished to be known as something other than "The Maroons" voted for the Leopard as the school mascot. A plan to purchase a leopard from the Memphis, Tennessee zoo came to nothing and the students...

Books to Movies

Walter Tevis, The Hustler
A couple months ago I was looking at books by Kentucky authors which had been made into movies. With the help of IMDB I was able to pull together a short list of titles. These authors were born in Kentucky or have close connections with the state....

Jennie Jeffers Ashby

Photo from Jennie Jeffers Ashby papers
Several years ago we processed a small collection of papers from long-time teacher Jennie Jeffers Ashby, who received a Normal Life Diploma from Eastern Kentucky State Normal School in 1907.